you want happy knitters . . .

this is how I can help

I offer consulting, copy editing, style editing, sample knitting, and mentoring, all in a supportive and straightforward way. Working with me is not stress - we've got this! You can find out all the details of what I offer below, or reach out to me anytime. 

We all work best when we are prepared, when our toolbox is packed with the right tools for the job, when our list of what we need is all checked off, and we know what will happen next. Knowing what to expect and being prepared feels really good, and those feelings of confidence and ease trickle down to everyone who experiences our products and services, or benefits from what we do.  

I am here to support you in doing your best work, to help you inspire and be inspired.

  • Click the button above or the contact link to reach me about working together.
  • There is a half-hour minimum for all services.
  • Any services can be available on an ongoing basis. Contact me at the button above and we'll work out the details!

Editing services ($40/hr):

  • Copy editing and proofreading of patterns, articles, newsletters, documents, emails, etc.

In proofreading your document, I will be checking for:

  1. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors
  2. Layout or placement errors or confusions
  3. Clarity in language
  4. Consistency in writing style
  • Comprehensive style editing for knitting patterns

To edit your pattern for style I will be checking:

  1. Consistency with language and formatting, throughout the pattern.
  2. Consistency within the pattern components.
  3. That the language and formatting is consistent with your style guide and previous work.
  4. All size spaces are present throughout.
  5. Names of charts and rows make sense and are consistent.
  6. Proofreading for any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors, or typos.
  7. That the writing is clear and makes sense.
  8. All abbreviations listed are used (and are consistently used) and none are missing.
  9. Formatting, headings, layout makes sense and is easy to read and follow.
  10. Schematic information makes sense.

Sample knitting (starting at $0.30/yard)

Please contact me about your project - I'd love to hear your process! 

Consulting services ($90/hr):

    • Running a tech editing business

    It is our business, and the best way to feel great in it is to take control of anything that isn’t working well, and get it in shape. We do that by putting policies in place and in so doing, reclaiming our time and our energy. To do our best for others, we need to have a system that works. 

    You decide how you will show up in your business and how to protect your assets, including your best asset, which is you.

    • Grading and size inclusion guidance

    Is your pattern truly size inclusive? Is your grading going to offer consistent fit across your size range?As makers we spend a lot of time and money creating clothing, and we want to feel awesome in our clothes! Make sure you’re providing that good fit for your knitters by sharing your pattern’s measurements with me. We’ll go over them all and check them against industry standards, against your fit model, and make sure they align with your vision of the design and how it should look and feel for every size. There’s a lot to double check when grading for multiple sizes, and taking a little time to make sure you’re on the right track is time you won’t be spending fielding customer service issues about poor fit.

    Offering a wide range of sizes for your patterns as a designer is imperative if you hope to serve all your knitters and support their needs. What does it mean to be size inclusive? What do you need to focus on and maybe change? There can be more to it than adding sizes. Bring all your questions and let’s get them answered so you can make sure your work is inclusive and supports all knitters. Tech editors, find out how to best support your clients in being size inclusive, and how to ensure that your business is recognized as a supportive place for size inclusive designers and knitters of all sizes and shapes.

    • Creating a consistent pattern library and style guide

    Professional and consistent pattern writing builds trust with your knitter, your customer. Ensure that every pattern you put out will be exactly how you want it, clear, easy to understand, complete, without having to reinvent the wheel every time you start writing one. 

    Honing your style, making these decisions, and creating a style sheet to work from, and to share with your tech editor, enables you to write patterns that truly stand out as yours, across your entire library. It reduces the amount of errors you or your tech editor will encounter, and takes a lot of stress out of pattern writing. You will never regret sharpening your style, writing, and layout in work as technical as a pattern.

    Customized mentorship ($1000/month for 3 months):

      I take on one client per season for the ultimate in personal business support. It is an opportunity for as-needed and ongoing guidance as you work in your goals. This option includes:

      • private Zoom meetings once a week
      • up to 10 hours per month of Voxer voice and text support
      • unlimited items to submit for review via email

      To find out more and get on the list for this option, please contact me at the button below.

      I guarantee my work. If you are unhappy, please let me know and I will do all I can to make it right.